The Originator of xenon bi-pin, xenon festoon, xenon rigid-loop, and xenon wedge base lamps


THHC Lighting has been supplying the lighting industry with high quality xenon lamps for over 20 years now. Products that were introduced to the lighting world by THHC include the very popular xenon rigid-loop, xenon festoon, xenon wedge base, and various versions of xenon bi-pin lamps. The special formula named Xelogen THHC developed and continued to improve upon provides a reliable and high performance lightsource designers worldwide has grown to love and trust. Our xenon festoon lamps and xenon rigid loop lamps are the most popular choices for strip, under-cabinet, and cove lighting applications, with over 15 major lighting strip manufacturers having chosen THHC Xelogen rigid-loop and festoon lamps to power there products. The Xenon wedge base lamps has become extremely popular with the electric sign industry as well as various indoor decorative lighting applications. THHC Lighting, the largest xenon lamp supplier in the world will continue to do its best to provide high quality xenon lamps, now part of our Xelogen family, with friendly service and timely delivery.

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